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The Sartorialist x ASPESI

24 Mar 2024

This is (MI): the photographic project realized by Scott Schuman for ASPESI

In the vast canvas of human experience, aesthetics plays a fundamental role in our perception of the world and the people who inhabit it. And Milan is certainly a place where this concept comes to life. Here, where art, architecture, design, and fashion harmoniously merge, a unique and extraordinary visual panorama is created.

Scott Schuman, better known as The Sartorialist, as a modern observer of Milanese aesthetics, through his photographic lens captures not only images but also ideas and concepts that tell the very essence of the city of Milan. Schuman immerses himself in the streets of the metropolis to reveal Milan's hidden soul and its distinctive style.

In This is (MI), the photographic project realized for ASPESI, man, architecture, and urban design become protagonists of a stage where the dance of daily life takes place. The clean and bold lines of skyscrapers blend harmoniously with the decorative details of historic buildings, creating a visual symphony that inspires.

And it is precisely in this unique visual context that Milanese style takes shape, a timeless elegance that manifests not only in people's clothing but also in their very essence. ASPESI, as interpreter and custodian of Milan's urban style, fits perfectly into this context, offering garments that reflect sophistication, sobriety, and at the same time, the distinctive elements of Milanese taste.

Through the project curated by Scott Schuman, which involves the participation of 15 personalities connected to Milan, we are invited to explore not only their individual style but also their deep connection with the city and its cultural heritage. The photo shoot thus becomes a journey through the streets of Milan and into the souls of the people who inhabit and dress it:

  • Alberto Nespoli

  • Hisayuki Amae

  • Takahiro Osaki

  • Matteo Maresi

  • Simone Vertua

  • Chidozie Obasi

  • Gianluca Cantaro

  • Renata Molho

  • Giulia Loreti de Paolis

  • Michela D’Angelo

  • Giulia Peyrone

  • Helen Nonini

  • Elena Giovanna Capriolo

  • Caterina Cantoni

  • Rebecca Canevali

This exploration translates into an exhibition hosted from March 14 to 31, 2024, at the ASPESI flagship store in Milan, at Via San Pietro all'Orto 24, offering the opportunity to immerse oneself in Milanese style. Through Schuman's shots and the stories of the personalities portrayed, we are offered a privileged window into a universe of elegance, creativity, and belonging. A celebration of Milanese aesthetics and the timeless style of ASPESI.

Discover This is (MI).

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