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The Allure of Velvet: Style and Trends of the Autumn-Winter Wardrobe

23 Nov 2023

Velvet, a timeless fabric with timeless style, makes its triumphant return in the autumn-winter collections, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the wardrobes of both men and women.

Beloved by designers, artists, and fashion enthusiasts for centuries, velvet captivates our senses with its luxurious texture and its brilliant, warm tones.

In autumn-winter clothing, this fabric shines again with the enchantment of bygone eras but with an aura of contemporary elegance. Velvet trousers, jackets, and dresses have become an iconic choice for those seeking a timeless style. With just a few velvet pieces in one's wardrobe, it's truly possible to infuse one's everyday style with a regal touch.

Velvet: A Precious Fabric The history of velvet traces back to the 13th century in the East, where the fabric was originally created in the region of Central Asia between Iran and Iraq. In Italy, it began to spread in the subsequent centuries starting from the "sciamiti," a heavy fabric made of pure silk, with a velvety hand and a satin-like, shiny appearance, considered its ancestor. It was worked in Palermo and Venice, cities in constant contact with the East, and later spread to other regions of Italy, to become over time, a symbol of preciousness and luxury.

Initially, velvet was made of silk, characterized by its extraordinary sheen and pleasant softness to the touch, but later it began to be worked also from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, and mohair, which gave it greater durability to adapt to everyday use. Nowadays, there are also options for velvet made from synthetic fibers, although it remains advisable to favor those made from natural fibers that guarantee optimal comfort, quality, and versatility.

Versatility of Velvet: Variety and Processing Velvet comes in various varieties and finishes, each with its own unique charm. The processing adds further nuances to the fabric, creating different varieties, such as corduroy or ribbed velvet, ideal, for example, for shirts, jackets, and trousers, as it gives the garment a pleasant weight, texture, and durability over time.

On the other hand, silk velvet stands out for its luxurious sheen and lightweight, making it perfect for evening dresses and refined garments.

Cotton velvet, with its distinctive ribbed texture, offers breathability and is a versatile choice for casual wear.

Finally, smooth velvet, with its soft, velvety texture, adapts to both formal occasions and casual looks, ensuring a luxurious feel to the touch.

The versatility of the various types of velvet allows for experimentation with different styles and the creation of garments suitable for a wide range of occasions, demonstrating that velvet is truly a timeless and limitless fabric.

Velvet in Autumn-Winter Clothing Velvet is suitable for autumn-winter clothing: at this time of year, velvet carves out a special space in the wardrobe, emerging as an exceptional fabric in classic shades such as navy and tobacco. These shades combine easily with white shirts or sweaters in neutral colors, giving sophisticated looks an elegant touch and adding a note of refinement to casual moods.

Soft and glossy, velvet is much more than just a simple material: it is a statement of rich and sophisticated style that elevates every look. However, to successfully pair it, it's important to choose materials that accentuate its luxurious texture. A silk shirt with a velvet blazer creates an elegant contrast for an evening look, while a thick cotton sweater under a velvet dress is a more casual but highly classy combination for an informal yet stylish outfit.

Velvet Clothing from ASPESI for Him and Her ASPESI, an iconic label of timeless style and excellence, opens the doors to a world of fascinating and surprising velvet with a wide selection of clothing to choose from.

A kaleidoscope of elegant options stretches to the horizon in a selection of velvet clothing for her, including jackets and dresses where elegance finds its home.

Similarly, the selection of velvet clothing for him extends over a panorama of velvet trousers and suits, crafted with the same refined mastery.

Evoking the sumptuousness and regality of bygone times, velvet finds its new life in today's autumn-winter collections. Adding velvet pieces to the wardrobe is an elegant way to embrace timeless luxury.

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