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Lightweight, versatile, and elegant: the trench coat is the perfect women's outerwear for the transitional season.

23 Oct 2023

With its clean and essential design, the trench coat is an integral part of a distinctive style that gives the wearer a timeless aura of sophistication. Fine fabrics and impeccable finishes speak of an unwavering commitment to excellence, making this garment a timeless staple for the transitional season.

As the days are tinted with warm hues, enveloping the surrounding world in a embrace of golden and amber shades, a touch of class becomes essential not only to adapt to our surroundings but also to become an integral part of the welcoming atmosphere.

In this transitional season, when the weather is mild yet uncertain, there is a garment that embodies the required elegance and versatility: the trench coat.

Also known as an overcoat or car coat in English, this outerwear piece is the ideal companion to brave the early autumn breezes. Its refined aura and distinctive presence capture the essence of the season.

The Trench Coat: History and Evolution of a Timeless Garment Midi length, classic collars and lapels, front closure: these are the distinctive features of the women's trench coat, the outerwear piece that embodies the quintessence of timeless elegance and is generally offered in neutral tones - pearl gray, navy, beige - providing an alternative to the classic trench coat.

While it was worn as outerwear by early motorists in the early 1900s to protect them from wind and weather, it became a fashion icon and a symbol of elegance between the 1950s and 1960s, worn by many celebrities and particularly loved by women around the world due to its distinctive silhouette.

Today, the trench coat is still a highly appreciated garment, and despite stylistic variations and proposals in different fabrics, it always retains its refined aura.

Outerwear of Timeless Lightness and Elegance Lightness is a virtue that represents the essence of luxury in many aspects of life. And it is precisely in this concept of lightness that the great advantage of the women's trench coat manifests itself. Lightweight and comfortable, it is ideal for autumn days that require outerwear to provide protection from wind and rain but without the weight of a winter coat.

To choose the one that best suits your style and needs, it is important to pay attention to the materials used. Fine fabrics and carefully crafted designs provide timeless elegance, reflected equally in the clean and minimalist design, conveying a sense of lightness that is synonymous with uncompromising comfort and influencing the practicality and performance of the garment.

How to Choose a Trench Coat: Materials to Focus On In this context, nylon - ASPESI's flagship fabric - offers many advantages. Soft and lightweight, it combines comfort and durability and, in the case of the trench coat, is made even more functional by the medium-weight Thermore padding: a combination that provides warmth while remaining lightweight.

Compact canvas, made from Japanese cotton and nylon, is also an excellent choice. A fabric that combines the qualities of technical materials such as water resistance and practicality with those of cotton such as softness and breathability. Here too, the lightweight Thermore padding ensures that the trench coat provides cozy warmth, perfect for transitioning between seasons without compromising the slimness of the garment.

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